Technician Workflows, made easier.

In 2022 we began a long-term partnership with Glassbiller, a company centered around Auto Glass Enterprise Software for businesses.

While the Techside app was originally a simple companion app for Auto Glass Technicians to execute their work, Glassbiller is looking to expand their technician's network. This new, MVP version of Techside aims to not only improve a job's workflow from start to finish, but to also connect Technicians and their contracted businesses in a seamless, efficient workflow.

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User Research Fundamentals

In order to envision a streamlined future, it was imperative we looked at the baseline application and conducted research with its current end-users.

This resulted in interviews across 4 Glassbiller customers, helping us to produce affinity maps, personas, user journeys, prioritization boards, and eventually wireframes.

Product Design, start to finish.

We produced all of the user research surrounding the redesign of Techside, as well as the wireframes, high-fidelity mock ups, prototypes, and dev specification sheets.