27 Awesome Things Every Designer Will Want at Their Desk

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Alexander Georges
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Lydia Chamberlain
January 21, 2020
  1. Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Price: $49.95


My personal favorite thing that I keep at my desk, this massager that comes with a strap to stay against the chair is perfect for anyone who suffers from back and neck pain. Plus, it has a heating option for those who get chilly in the office (which definitely includes me).

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  1. Tetris Heat Changing Ceramic Coffee Mug

Price: $16.99 

A cool mug for the coolest person in the office, this ceramic Tetris mug changes color depending on the temperature it’s exposed to. If you leave it cold, your Tetris score will be 110. If you heat it up, your new Tetris score becomes 11000!

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  1. EastVita Travel Coffee Mug, 24-105mm

Price: $9.99

Wait...did you think that the mug above was a camera lens at first...and second glance? Well, then it did its job! EastVita’s travel mug is deceptive and it is useful. Just heat up some coffee for when you head out the door, then look hipster drinking out of this mug at your desk.

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  1. Actually Curious, Happy Hour Edition

Price: $24.99

Need an ice breaker for work? These cards come with a set of questions to break the tension and get everyone knowing each other better. You can keep it in your desk and whip it out when happy hour arrives!

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  1. F***ing Brilliant Pencils

Price: $10.56

These pencils are perfect for anyone who has a hard time saying what they’re thinking. If you’ve ever had a hard time saying what’s (explicitly) on your mind, just start with these pencils and you’re off to the races towards honesty.

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  1. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Price: $79.95

Practically perfect people like practically perfect drinks. If you’re practically perfect in every way, then have your hot tea or coffee temperature-controlled with this smart mug. It’s practically beautiful too, no? It comes in white and black.

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  1. Samsung Space 32-Inch SR75 UHD 4K Computer Monitor

Price: $369.99

This amazing monitor is incredibly handy for designers because of the way the monitor stand move the screen. You can have it flush against the wall to give your desk more space or you can bring it forward for when you need to perfect one of your designs, pixel-by-pixel. Your choice.

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  1. Black Temptation USB Heated Mouse Pad

Price: $21.57

Do you have cold hands? Is your office chilly? If you said yes and yes, then you’ll want this heated mousepad. You simply put your hand and your mouse inside of the opening and it will warm your hand through a USB plug in the back.

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  1. Hallmark Star Wars at-at Tape Dispenser

Price: $44.55

Star Wars fans unite! The Imperial walker is down, and now you’ve found a new use for it...dispencing tape! Give your desk some character with this awesome Star Wars themed tape dispenser.

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  1. Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse

Price: $83.99

We spend a great amount of time in front of our computers, and that includes handling a mouse. However normal mouses aren’t very well configured for our wrists. Why do you think so many people end up having wrist pain? Reduce your arm’s muscle fatigue through this wireless, ergonomic mouse.

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  1. Tai Chi Pattern Zen Garden

Price: $39.99

Bring peace to your chaotic office with this zen garden. I brought a zen garden to one of our meeting rooms, and now my coworkers (and bosses of bosses) peacefully rake at the sand during phone calls and video chats. But of course, you can keep it at your desk to have all the zen, too!

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  1. Guardians of The Galaxy Groot Pen Pot

Price: $7.49

You or someone you know is bound to want this deliciously adorable baby Groot pen or flow pot. Whenever you’re having a stressful day at work, just stare back at baby Groot’s eyes and all your troubles will float away to space.

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  1. 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings

Price: $9.69

My coworker keeps this book at his desk...and I don’t think he told our manager. This book has some really useful tips while also giving some silly ones, but any person can learn how to better deal with meetings through this book.

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  1. Get S*** Done Matte Coffee Mug

Price: $16.00

Any hard worker has this motto tattooed on their hearts. Well, now you can also have it tattooed on your coffee mug. Let everyone see just how hard you work with this simple but powerful matte black mug.

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  1. Super Jumbo Playing Cards

Price: $10.98

If you’re the fun one in the office (or want to become one), then show everyone your fun side with these super jumbo playing cards. Not only do they make for fun card games, but you can even use a few to make your space look artistic (we are designers after all).

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  1. USB Led Fan with Clock

Price: $14.99

Telling the time while staying cool can now be achieved with one product. Use this USB fan clock to know exactly when it’s time to go home after having a breezy afternoon at the office.

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  1. Wireless Charge Pad

Price: $19.99

With wireless charging being all the rage these days, you shouldn’t miss out. This sleek, black charging pad can help you charge multiple wireless devices at a time by simply laying them on top of it. No fuss, no hassle.

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  1. Forest Green Grass-blade Ballpoint Pens

Price: $8.99

Stick these pens in a pot (maybe a Groot pot?) and they will look like plants growing out of the top. Not only is it a cool way to display your pens, but people will probably stop stealing your pens since they’re so cleverly disguised!

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  1. Unicorn Tape Dispenser

Price: $10.98

Who says unicorns aren’t real? Bring a unicorn to your desk with this fashionable unicorn tape dispenser. It can also make a great gag gift for your grumpy coworker a desk down.

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  1. Thumbs Up UK Pussy Cat Magnet

Price: $15.21

Cat lovers everywhere will love this beautiful cat magnet. It will both hold magnets and your heart all at once. And don’t worry, it won’t cross your path, either.

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  1. Penball Brings Foosball to Your Desk

Price: $11.95

There are bound to be a few minutes where you need a break, and what better way to take a break than to play foosball with your coworker? Simply slip these foosball players onto your pencils and score a few points!

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  1. Medieval Weapon Pushpins

It’s okay to have sharp things in the office...as long as it’s for work, right? These customized medieval weapon pushpins might not be used for stabbing bad bosses, but they’re still satisfying to use on corkboards.

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  1. Midori D-Clips Penguin Paper Clips

Price: $5.29

It might be the 21st century, but many of us still use paper. And with that, we still attach paper with paper clips. Penguin paper clips, that is. If you hand your boss a stack of papers with these adorable penguin paper clips, perhaps it will lead to a raise?

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  1. Ceramic White ‘Up Yours’ Mug

Price: $17.98

It’s important to be polite to people. So why not let your anger out through this mug? This white “Up Yours” mug will keep you from being fired while also keeping your dirty little secret.

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  1. Noteboard Pocket-Size Dry Erase-Board

Normal note boards can take up a great amount of space on our desks, so why not keep one that is smaller but also portable? You can keep in your drawer, on your desk, or in your pocket. So many choices...

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  1. Inkless Pen - Silver

Price: $27.11

If you don’t like having to sharpen your pencil, then you’ll like having this inkless silver pen. It’s all beautiful, all sleek, and all less annoying because you don’t have to sharpen it every two seconds.

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  1. Pen Holder Desktop Organiser - Green Cactus

Price: $17.95

Serving multiple purposes, this green cactus pen holder stores your pencils, pens, paper clips, and rubber bands. As you can see, the best products are both functional and beautiful.

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