27 Visually Stunning iOS UI Designs for Inspiration

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Alexander Georges
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Lydia Chamberlain
May 26, 2020

Many of you have really liked our inspiration posts, so we’ve created another one for you that’s focused on iOS UI designs.

These designs are fun, colorful, and will hopefully get your creative juices up and running!

So without further ado, here are 27 visually stunning iOS UI designs for inspiration.

  1. Font Preview for Graphic Editor App

I love the salmon-like color here, along with the over-sized font sizes. Fun!

  1. Compass Onboarding Form

I haven’t seen the beach in so long...it’s refreshing to see it here at least!

  1. Dentist Booking App Concept

A nicely designed dentist booking app. I think the two characters on top add the human element to an otherwise stressful subject.

  1. Fode-Food App UI Kit II

A very simply designed UI kit that great for anyone exploring the food ordering user flow. Also is a great exploration of using shadows for CTA’s.

  1. Velonto Food Delivery - Rider mobile app

A real food-delivery app being developed, Velonto takes a unique approach of using blue and orange as opposing primary/secondary colors to create contrast and make CTA’s more visible.

  1. Onboarding for VPN app

Designing the onboarding experience is something of an art and a science. Could use a little more contrast with the text, but I love the illustrations here.

  1. Camping App Design - UI Elements

Camping...that thing people used to do when we were all outside! The dotted lines along the path would certainly help people find their destination. The visual design here is stunning and might convince me to start camping!

  1. Music App Player

The mono-colored purple design here is easier on the eyes, making it nice to use at night.

  1. Healthcare App - Dashboard

The green color in this app really does make me think of the hospital.

  1. Food Delivery Boy App

An exploration of day versus night mode. Map UI designers, take note!

  1. Jewelry app concept

The paper texture in the background of the jewelry in these designs makes a nice contrast to the smooth metal of the jewelry.

  1. Apple Store

A redesign of the Apple store. The clean designs are very Apple-esque. The black background makes a good strong contrast to the items being sold.

  1. Magic Motion in Framer

A cool demo of Framer, I like the contrast of the yellow/orange to the black in their video.

  1. Food Delivery App

I admit--I start drooling when I see food apps. The pizza image really grabbed my attention along with the matching orange primary color used in the app.

  1. Futsal App

This app nicely uses illustrations to complement the accompanying text. See the image with the man holding a soccer ball? It brings attention to the banner, which is very product-design minded.

  1. Modern Furniture Shop

By minimizing the color of the app UI, this app brings more attention to the furniture itself, which is a great business-minded decision.

  1. FranEngage

I don’t often see purple as the primary color of mobile applications, so it’s refreshing to see here.

  1. Task Management Apps

This app uses an assortment of colors, which feels Google-like. Feels very user-friendly along with the rounded corners of the buttons and images.

  1. Starting a Transport & Logistics Business

A nice image accompanying a written article on starting a transport and logistics business. They use a mustard yellow primary color that’s nice and bright (but not so bright as to burn your eyes).

  1. Bankie: Funds and Expenses Onboarding

Another nicely done onboarding design. The simple illustrations and colors help keep the onboarding experience from feeling cluttered or complicated.

  1. Podcast App Exploration

I can’t enough of millennial pink. This podcast app caught my eye with its simple design and fun exploration with shapes in its illustrations.

  1. Ice Cream Contest Mobile App

An app dedicated to ice cream right now sounds perfect. Can they deliver please?

  1. Food Delivery Onboarding App 🥧🥗

As I said, I can’t get enough of food...and I’m also hungry right now. This app uses a nice cream background color in the UI to complement the creaminess of some of the plates of pasts in front of it.

  1. Food Delivery App

Food delivery seems to be a hot topic these days. I really like their logo with the speeding vehicle. It visually implies that they provide fast deliveries, which is something every user wants.

  1. Geometric Mobile UI Exploration

This baby blue mobile app looks like it was a ton of fun to design. I also like that the headline “Think outside the box” is paired with the orange and blue ball jumping outside of the UI container.

  1. Covid-19

A socially responsible post and design, I felt like I really needed to include this here. Thanks for using your talents for good!


  1. Fruits App

Fruit is my jam (no pun intended). This app design certainly keeps things simple, not throwing too much information in your face and limiting its use of colors to make the images pop.

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